Brandon O'Donoghue

Founder & CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, Brandon brings over 18 years of industry leadership experience to Cipher Integrity and is responsible for directing our product strategy, sales growth, market expansion, and client and employee satisfaction. Brandon's strong work ethic and commitment to "Leadership through Innovation" continues to set Cipher Integrity apart in the marketplace.

Having worked closely with Management Teams and Board of Directors at organizations throughout the USA, Brandon's unique skillset and abilities have earned him the respect and trust of those who have partnered alongside him.

Preceding Cipher Integrity, Brandon was at a consulting firm where he was instrumental in outlining and providing customized Risk and Compliance solutions and services, both internally and to the many clients he served. Prior to that, he performed advanced quality assurance testing services for leading software organizations both locally and abroad.

Originally from South Africa, Brandon is a veteran who served in the South African National Defense Force. When not at work, he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, playing golf, reading, and most importantly, spending time with his family.