Industries We Serve

Technology, Media and Telecommunications Services

The regulation of technology, media and telecommunications has never been more complex or more challenging. Innovative technologies and smart content are continually evolving through development and acquisition strategies. At Cipher Integrity, we understand the need for compliance and we see the opportunities to address change. Cipher Integrity's multi-disciplinary team can help you design and implement an effective compliance program as an intangible asset to be leveraged in the competitive market.

Banking and Financial Services

In a market that is changing at lightning speed, Cipher Integrity brings a forward-thinking approach to continuously maintain regulatory compliance, evaluating and improving the ability of Financial Institutions to remain resilient. Our breadth of services is designed to protect your business. Working with Cipher Integrity, you can tap into the innovative approaches and operational intelligence you need to not only move confidently ahead, but also achieve approved regulatory compliance.

Education Services

Compliance regulations for higher education institutions stems from many industries. Each type of data, such as healthcare or financial information is regulated by a particular law, usually designed with other industries in mind. Cipher Integrity brings all of these requirements together and molds them into a single cohesive compliance program so that you can achieve high functioning programs and procedures.

Health Services

Health industry organizations face a range of emerging regulatory concerns. Cipher Integrity works with healthcare providers - including large healthcare systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, for profit insurance companies and research institutes - to solve the issues they face by providing a comprehensive risk and compliance structure across the enterprise that responds to significant regulatory changes.